The Admirable Perseverance of FLL Challenge Team 3111 LEGO City Heros


For many families, the 2020 holiday season was to be a time of rest and rejuvenation after a year like no other, but it wasn’t to be for the family of two team members from FLL Challenge Team 3111 in the Ottawa area, who awoke on the morning of December 29, only to narrowly escape a devastating house fire. FIRST Canada was so relieved to hear that everyone in the family, including the family pets, are safe and so impressed to hear that the team planned to continue with the season, despite the loss of their Challenge Set and robot, along with many other treasured belongings in the fire. With their Challenge Set replaced, their robot rebuilt, and wearing their new FIRST Canada gear, the team is epitomizing the qualities of resilience, perseverance and teamwork as they make final preparations for their qualifying tournament this month. If you have any words of support and encouragement for this inspiring team, you can reach out to coach extraordinaire, Blaire Fitzsimmons, at Best of luck to this inspiring team and to all of the teams, who have faced and overcome much adversity this season.