24 Hours of STEM Australia – FIRST Canada Youth Council


On December 18th, 2020, FIRST Canada Youth Council members Namirah Quadir, Julia MacFarlane, and Hridi Paul had the opportunity to represent FIRST Canada and the FIRST Canada Youth Council at the Australian 24 Hours of STEM Virtual Conference. This event was hosted by many different Australian FIRST teams with the purpose of giving FIRST members and beyond an outlet for their motivation for robotics and STEM. This is the second event they have hosted so far and both have been a major success! The event was sponsored by various industry giants and post-secondary institutions which include but aren’t limited to Boeing, Google, and Macquarie University. Speakers from all over the world were present alongside our Youth Council to share and present their passions and work in STEM such as Karthik Kanagasabapathy, Paige Balcom, Christina Rohlf, Bill Church and Mike Heimlich. The FIRST Canada Youth Council had the chance to present at this event as well. Our presentation consisted of a brief overview of all the different initiatives that the FIRST Canada Youth Council has organized and we had so much fun being on the show and sharing our love for FIRST around the world! You can watch the full FIRST Canada Youth Council segment and more through this link!