Engineering Science @ U of T – Ibrahim A.


The University of Toronto offers a unique direct-entry program called Engineering Science (EngSci) which is intended for students looking for a distinctive academic challenge. Engineering Science (EngSci), one of the most prestigious engineering programs in the world, is created for students seeking a rigorous academic challenge.

You will be completely immersed in engineering, math, physics, computers, and the humanities over your first two years. You can select one of eight majors for accelerated, discipline-specific study in your last two years. Students flourish in a tight-knit group of extraordinary people, which fosters a rich and distinctive learning environment.

This program focuses on an interdisciplinary discipline known as engineering science that bridges the gap between engineering applications and scientific theory. It focuses on how mathematical, scientific, technical, and artistic ideas are integrated. Students studying engineering and science have the following specialization options: robotics, aerospace, biomedical systems, electrical and computer engineering, energy systems engineering, engineering mathematics, statistics, and finance.

Since there are more applicants than spots available each year, admission to the Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering is difficult. The Faculty chooses students based on a variety of factors, including grades, the disciplines they have chosen, and other data gathered through the required Online Student Profile. Even if you meet the minimal entrance criteria, admittance is not guaranteed. Generally, admission decisions for applicants who have not attended school in more than five years are made case-by-case basis. Candidates must be OSD-eligible and must demonstrate completion of at least six grade 12 U or M courses, including the following:

  •         English (ENG4U)
  •         Advanced Functions (MHF4U)
  •         Calculus & Vectors (MCV4U)
  •         Chemistry (SCH4U)
  •         Physics (SPH4U)
  •         One additional U or M course

Through the PEY Co-op Program students majoring in engineering at the University of Toronto have the option to graduate with up to 20 months of relevant job experience, a competitive wage, a broad network, and transferable professional skills. You will be fully immersed in your work while on the job. After your third year, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to create a useful network and make significant professional accomplishments if you work for 12 to 16 months straight. After the second year, you will also have the choice to continue working for an extra four months, giving you a total of 20 months of paid professional job experience before you graduate.

In conclusion, the EngSci program has similarities to other engineering degrees at the University of Toronto but differs in a number of areas. It is presented at a level that is more challenging intellectually. It has more math, physics, and engineering content and places more emphasis on deriving outcomes from principles. This is a fantastic option for ambitious engineers who are prepared to take a chance and get ahead of the game.